Festi-friends, here is a link to my 2009 Run-A-Muck/Town Park photo album. Note that I have uploaded all pics full-sized (9 mega pixels) so you can download the hi rez version if you wish. I am not responsible for your embarrassing public behavior but I will remove a photo if you request it. Along with a $5 service fee. Plus tax.

2009 Run-A-Muck/Town Park Photo Album

Click “Slideshow” in the upper left for a convenient way to see all the pics.

:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Nice shots!

AWESOME pics Hooch!! Thanks for sharing!!

So…are you satisfied with the camera??

great pics Hooch. I love the one of Hippie flashing Auntie at the eggs bene brunch.

thank you soooo much for sharing the photos! i realize now that there are so many of you we failed to meet, but there’s always next year! y’know, for a group that’s obviously so close knit, you guys are fabulously open-armed and inviting. :flower

Hey Jess! Nice couple of slabs of bacon! Whew! I particularly like the second pic where you are trying to act all dignified aand shit while your boobs are dripping bacon grease…now thats HOT! :thumbsup :lol

wonderful photos Hooch! I even like the one of me … Normally, I HATE all pictures of myself…

Fabulous pix, Hooch!! :thumbsup
~ Gotta ask tho… Where’s the one you said you got of me?
I swear like a hundred people took pix of me bubbling, but I have yet to see ONE shot!!


… maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. I am pretty photographically challenged!! :lol

Great pics hooch!!! takes me right back, thanks for sharin’ em!!! :cheers

Hey, you are right!! Dang, sorry. I was trying to decide which ones of you doing the bubble thing I was going to stick in and apparently forgot to come back and put my fav into the subdirectory for uploading. It’s in there now. Long live bubbles!

Oh, and thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

They weren’t dripping bacon grease! It was too cold! They were dripping bacon! It stretches - a lot! Especially when you are sewing it! :eek

Thanks for sharing Hooch! Great pics!

Townpark Misc pic’s


Great pics Wilco…how nice to meet you and Julie. And good to see us at the Sunday tarp run and see Brian’s awesome hollandaise creation. Sorry we didn’t have more time to discuss Cards/cubs over beers but who knows…there is plenty of time.

Nice shots Wilco! Who is “Julie”? Is she the infamous “With Wilco”? I can’t keep names straight anyway.

Yes they are one and the same

Yeah The Little “Hottie”

I need a really good sshot of YMSB from the Fesst. Anyone got one i can print for someone?