Peter Rowan @ Trilogy in Boulder 4/15

Peter Rowan will be at Trilogy Wine Bar in Boulder on Sunday, April 15th. :pickin

Doors open at 7pm and Peter goes on at 8pm sharp.

Tickets are $22 and all ticket revenues will go towards rebuilding Churmur Monastery, a community in Ladakh, India where Buddhist monks practice.

Tickets can be purchased online at


Friggin’ sweet. I’ll get mine tomorrow, since that place holds like 100 people!

Anyone go? How was it? :8

It was very cool, Dustin. Mr. Rowans (“he always called me plural!” :wink: ) played
two sets, the first mostly consisting of tunes we all know and love. Personal
faves of that set were a tender “Tumbleweed” and the always-fun “Free Mexican
Air Force” where Peter told the classic story during the song (instead of a long
intro prior to the song).

Between sets, there was a slide show presentation of the new buddhist temple
being built in India, narrated by Peter.

I forgot the gentleman’s name, but Peter had a person from Steamboat Springs
sit in on banjo for a few tunes in the second set. Over half that set consisted of
Peter’s buddhist material.

Trilogy was not crowded at all. I was able to pull up a chair in front of the stage
and was never even close to crowded all night.

That was most likely Banjo Johnny. :lol It’s really funny that he played with peter. :lol
The have a very storied history… I’m sure that’s who it was.