PBG 2018 Fleece

I don’t know about all of you but when I want topull on a huge soft hug i turn to my PBG Fleece. I have them in all colors all weights and these are my go to tops when i am chillin.

My fav is a powder blue stretch fleece it fits beautifully and feels so good on i want 10000 of them.

So MORE! MORE! MORE! :medal

Sew on PBG Patches. We need em this year…get em while their hot collective patches?

I have on another fleece today. Must be 20 years old and feels so flippin’ good. :thumbsup

I want to design a caftan for all. White and hooded for sun protection with a PBG patch on the shoulder. Super groovy!

Wonder what you will have in the Merc tent this year. Always interesting :medal