Pastor Mustard???

Will Pastor Mustard be there???

Or is that a sore subject?

I liked him a lot. It hasn’t been the same since…

He’s showed up the past two years to introduce Sam, but that’s it. Honestly, I’d rather he not be there. I like having other musicians do the introductions. It seems much more personal that way. Whenever Sarah Jorosz introduces Tim O’Brien, you get the feeling that she feels very honored to get to do so.

You have a point.

I just loved his warped humor when there was time to kill. He made me laugh.

I loved the Pastor, but I am pretty sure that’s a burned bridge between TBF and the Pastor.

So much for Heen . . .

He introduced Sam at the Four Corner’s Folk Fest last year as well.

For those who are lost:

I do miss him too… loved the campiness and well, it was just part of my tradition

I for one love The Pastor and I hope the bridge to Festivarian Land can be rebuilt!

Bring back Pastor Mustard!!

Any guy that hates Rush is a buddy of mine. I’ll take a lil mustad with that. :medal

EXCUSE ME is that Grey Pouppon :medal
He is so off the wall and I do swear he was ease dropping on my conversation and repeating it on stage for everyone to hear :eek

I was talking about some dental work and he said. OH just go and get it done! I was talking about how costly it was.

FREAKED ME OUT! :lol :lol :lol

I liked the Pastor, though like everyone could have too much of a good thing, there’s the trick, he’s among the good things. I like that they’ve mixed it up w/ the emcees, and think that’s an improvement. The event would roll w/ variety and the Pastor would less likely run out of material. I suggest the Pastor be in charge of the emcees, w/ of course the expected input of stage manager and all other constituents, Craig and other master-minds. I was tired of the Pastor and am pleasantly surprised that I’ve come to miss him.

I think you’re onto something, recycled … kinda like too much syrup on one’s pancakes. IMO, PM is funny in much smaller doses, but quickly turns the corner to being a bit “over the top”. A steady diet of his upbeat cadance & delivery is just a bit too high strung for me … it’s nice to take a break between sets to recharge. Having said that, once a day hits the spot for me re: PM.

One thing I do find interesting is how the topic of PM can be discussed calmly across the board, yet tarps and other issues related to personal space in “GA setting” immediately put some on the defensive.

until someone stirs up the pot…

I guess this is what I was getting at Billy. Some could easily feel the Pastor Mustard pot is being stirred with this thread … but nobody seems to be taking it in such a way (I don’t). Maybe PM - present or not - is simply more on the periphery of most people’s radar vs. other issue / traditions that people have more of an immediate stake in seeing continue (or not).

Just an observation.

Without starting this debate up again, there already was, years ago, a heated and passionate discourse on the PM topic.

I doubt we will find such interest now because its already been played out and the fact that he’s been gone for a while: the topic continues its natural half-life decay

What’s the shelf life of Mustard? Flippin eternity :lol

Sorry, guess a few of us are in a natural half-life decay… :huh

I shall follow heen where ever heen leads 'til heen vanish into darkness… :flower

Feel free to debate away, Kathy. I’m not trying to suppress you.

Excuse me while I remove myself from this topic, whip up a batch of Crunchy Frog and pass out from too much taste testing.

ps Here is the thread from 2008 on this topic for those who want to roll up their sleeves and get dirty:,3768.0.html

It’s been about 10 years since the Pastor graced the stage at TBF . . . I am certain that many, if not most, people on this board have no idea who Pastor Mustard is . . .

Thanks for the thread…re-reading it I now remember reading it back then. Actually, I was just thinking it would be fun for the 40th to have PM MC. That’s all…

It can’t be 10 years