Pastor Mustard as MC

Given the current thread, I thought this might be interesting.

You have to vote to see the results.

I figure this should run for 90 days - get us through the rest of festival season.


Poll Results so far:

39 voters

20 for; 8 against; 11 others

Regardless of the outcome of this poll, it’s ultimately up to Craig and Pastor Mustard whether he returns as MC. :flower

Tom - yes - I realize that. I’m sure the issue’s been settled, but what the heck.

This is more or less a “fun” exersize of sticking one’s finger in the wind to see how the breeze of heen is blowing!

48 vote so far - I guess I figured there’d be more. 23 in favor, the other 25 split somewhat evenly.

Personally, I’d go for the part-time, celebrity apprearance of the pastor, as if anyone cares what I think.

Wonder if the pastor himself voted, now that he’s signed in as a “newbie”.