Hello! I am a first time festivaler (obviously) and I’ve been searching the forums but I can’t find a direct answer to my questions about parking. I’m not camping or staying in Telluride. Where are the parking lots? Also, is there plenty of parking? I’m wondering if I need to get in early to get a spot.

Thank you!

You will most likely be directed to park up in Mountain Village. You can catch the free gondola from there into town. You may have to walk a bit from your parking spot but the earlier you arrive, obviously, the shorter the walk.

Thanks! I don’t mind a walk at all. I am looking at the gondola hours right now and it looks like it closes at midnight. Is there any way to get back after that?

I think gondola hours are extended during the festival. It was discussed recently in another thread on here somewhere.

From Dustin in a previous posting:

7am to 2am (I think) during Festival.

…there will be hours posted at the Gondola stations, just in case I’m wrong.

Hooch is correct.

In addition to the gondola (avoid peak times to miss long lines), there is a great free shuttle system along with the T-Ride city bus system. Not sure if they are going to run the shuttle to mountain village anymore.

To walk to town from Mountain Village is an 8-10 mile hike (the long way around) and much shorter/longer hike over the mountain following the trails of the gondola (few people walk all the way! :eek). Bikes are good for long haul as well.

Transportation is carefully manicured every year to optimize everyone’s needs. You will find helpful people everywhere.

Have fun festivating!