Parking Question

Hello! I’ll be camping at Warner Field - is there official parking nearby, or will I have to take my car up to Mountain Village? Trying to work out logistics of setting up camp and getting to my volunteer shift in time!

Thanks for any advice!

… also wondering … do people line up to put their tarps down at Warner Field early Wednesday morning? If I get there right at 9 am, will there be a long line of people, or will I be able to drive in and unload my stuff right away? Or is load-in a more mellow, all-day affair?

I’m trying to figure out my plan - hard to find a reasonable hotel room less than 2-3 hours away for the night before. If I don’t get my campsite space secured right at 9-9:30, it’ll be late afternoon before my volunteer shift is over. Will it already be jam-packed by then?


Warner is a walk-in, line up land grab. Line up on the Warner Field fence can start at 7am. Land grab is at 9am. Your parking will probably be in MtnVillage. If you have one, line up in the morning and put a tarp down and then load in when your volunteer shift is over and then get parked.

Thanks. That’s what I’m going to try for. I’m set up at Lawson Hill now, so I’ll come up tomorrow afternoon and break down my camp and re-set up for real this time!