Parking/packing up question from a newbie

My TBF buddy and I have to leave the festival on Sunday evening. :frowning: We really don’t want to miss the Mumford & Sons show, so we’re aiming to have our camping gear packed up in the car and ready to go sometime Sunday afternoon, watch M & S, and then leave immediately after the show. Is this possible?

We’re camping at Lawson Hill. I know our car will be parked at whatever lot we’re assigned to when we arrive. Can we drive the car up to Lawson Hill to pack up on Sunday afternoon, and then re-park at one of the lots and go back to the festival for a few hours?

Yes, you can!

Glad you will be able to catch the M&S show before you have to leave Telluride!

Talk to the Planet Bluegrass rep on site at Lawson Hill before you make the move with the car so they know what you’re planning on doing!


Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green