Parking for Blue Grass Fest. available

We have 6 spots for parking at Spruce and Pacific, approx 100 yards from the ticket gate. We charge $40 per day. email me or call Joni 323 578 8065
Taking bookings now

Or you can take advantage of the FREE parking that PB arranges for the festival goers. You know, just an idea . . .

So please tell us more please, of this FREE PB sponsored parking? Do you think it might be suitable for someone getting down from Mountain Village for Tarp duty, pre-gondola.

Could said someone park there for FREE and avoid paying parking fees up the hill?

Would either of these be frowned upon by the powers that be, festivarian-wise? :rolleyes

No. It’s a park your car and leave it and pick it up after the festival kind of free parking. No in-outs (though we have left and run up to Montrose and returned before) . Plus you need a special permit to even be able to drive into town once the festival starts. not sure if these parking spots mentioned come with a drive into town permit or not.
There won’t be parking fees up on the hill either if you are using the PBG parking. Used to park in the parking structure attached to the last gondola stop to park ‘inside’. don’t know if they still park there now, however.

Thanks for the additional info MJ!