Parking/Biking with 4-Day Pass

Two questions. If I have a 4-Day pass, does that include parking?

If I and my partner have mountain bikes, are there any good (not sold-out) campgrounds that we can get to the festival via bike nearby? And one more, is bike theft a huge problem? If I kryptonite our bikes, will they get stripped?


Camping is still available at the highschool or you can try to get lucky and get one of these town park passes floating around. Your bike should be fine I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a bike being stolen during festival.

Parking is seporate but you can drive in, unload and then go park, no biggy

Parking would be down valley in the main entrence
into town , camping would be hard if you dont have
a camping pass , plenty of bike racks to lock your
bike too
hope that helps a bit