Parking at Mary E Illium

We’ve got our camping passes and a vehicle pass sorted for Illium. Am I right in thinking this means we can park next to where we camp?

If so, does that also mean we cannot move the car once we’ve pitched or are we able to get the car out each day? It should be obvious but I thought I better check just how short of space Illium becomes.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You will definately be able to have your car right by your camp site. After about tuesday though you may not be able to or really want to move it do to the accumulating crowd. It would be likely that you move it only to come back and have a tent standing on your parking space.

Thankyou, that’s what I thought.
Can I park near to Illium and that way use the car to store gear at the town car park while at the shows (day & night)

You will definitely NOT be able to move your car after you park it. They don’t allow you to move after you park.

Also, why do you need to stash your gear up at Town Park? It’ll be more than safe down at Illium. It’s what I’ve done for the past few years.

“the town car park” is UK talk for “the parking lot in town”… in summary, you really won’t be able to move your car once you are parked, nor will you be able to drive into town. I forget what day exactly, but the town gets barricaded off.

If I recall, the round-trip trek to the festival to Illium and back can take an hour or so when you include time waiting for shuttles, so your best bet in terms of gear is to plan on bringing what you need for the day in a backpack… that includes warm clothes for when the sun goes down as the temperature drops very quickly.


Thanks TheBanjomatic, that was my plan. I thought I would be able to drive from Illium to the car park by the Gondola, leave all my layers in the car while I went to the day shows and then the day stuff while I went to the night shows.

I’d better ‘rationalise’ what I need each day if I’m getting the shuttle!

Taking what you need into the festival isn’t hard. Food, if your not buying it there, and warm clothes is really all you need. Maybe a book if you really want it, but it all fits easily into a back pack that one would take to school. :cheers

Yeah, a 22L Osprey pack should handle everything you need for a day of Festivating.

How close is the free parking for Mary E.?

Depends on what day you get there. Parking is along the road just past the entrance to the campsite (there may also be a lot somewhere beyond that, i’m not sure). So if you get there the day the campsite opens you could be pretty close to the campgrounds. But a straight line of cars on the side of the road can extend pretty far!

If you dont have a car pass they park your car up on the side of the road. If you get there late in the week your car could be pretty far away. Be careful getting out of the passenger side somtimes it could be a steep drop off depending on were you are parked. Keep your eyes open maybe a returned car pass will pop up on the ticket sales page.

Thanks so much! Looks like we’ll be getting a vehicle pass.

Wow I just looked and there are still parking passes left. Man jump at that opportunity. It will make life a whole lot easier.

Yeah I just got one! So much more convenient!