paolo nutini @ TBF

I am looking for someone who recorded the paolo nutini show at the telluride bluegrass festival. The show blew me away… never saw that coming from this guy. If anyone can help me out my email is:

Hey that was a good show.

I think my friend who was also there, I think knows these people that recorded it, … but I actually know someone who recorded it straight from the net… I can post the link if you like.

i recorded only some of it
is that ok??? :huh

aly :hop

… can you post the link please? :slight_smile:

  If you were able to record all or some of the show I am interested in seeing if you could take time to put it on cd or tape and I am willing to pay you for your time to do would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to you all out there...feel free to call me at 317-753-3420



I’ve got the show, if you still need it. E-mail me directly at if you’re interested. Definitely one of my highlights!


Later when I get home I can post a sendspace link for everyone to download. The recording I have was from the stream, and as far as I know it is a legal recording.

I’ll post this evening…

mmm… I had it on my mp3 player… so I got it right cheer… lol enjoy…

:slight_smile: K@

Here we go!!!

Thanks Kat!

You’re quite welcome…

I’ve been a HUGE Paolo fan for quite sometime and he was one of the main reasons that I headed to the TBF… after going… I will have to always return to this festival. I forgot how much I appreciated Bluegrass… My dad was a big bluegrass fan. I grew up with Bluegrass…a matter of fact… Ricky Skaggs use to play with my cousins, (a long long time ago). I use to pester him to play “Little Green Apple” before he became all big and famous…and I was maybe 6 or 7???

I truly LOVED this festival.

I met up with Paolo and his band in Vegas in August… I got to spend some time with him and he was telling me that he really enjoyed this festival and hopes that he gets to come back… He and the band really loved the festival but the people too.

Anyway, sorry to go on like that,… but I’m already excited about next year’s festival!!!

take care all… enjoy the recording…
K@ :flower

Denverkat …THANK YOU FOR THE LINK :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You ROCK!!