Packing for Telluride

OK… I admit… I’ve started to pack for Telluride. Over the weekend I finished the brewing sessions for TBF, practiced making stove-top expresso and steamed milk, inventoried my kitchen box, cleaned my jockey-box and inventoried the beer box, set-up and took down my tent in order to figure out how big of an inflatable bed I can fit in it, set-up and took down the EZ-up while brewing, filled the propane tank, made sure all the pieces and part were present for the kitchen Costco Barn, thought about how much stuff is going to be loaded inside and strapped to the top of my truck and how little space I’ll have inside to sleep as I drive to and from Telluride (I’d rather sleep inside my pick-up than set up a tent), thought about buying a trailer then told myself no-way, had a couple of beers, listened to A Prarie Home Companion, went to bed and dreamed about being at the festival barbecuing, listening to and watching the festival from camp while tapping homebrew and toasting life with all my great friends… FESTIVAAAAAAL! The fever’s beginning…

Kaptain Karlos :hop

My home-away-from-home tent & sleeping gear has been packed FOR WEEKS! Just need a few more tarps and I can zip that one shut! Took all your advise Kaptain! Thanks!


Hope Lin :pickin

i just got a second sleeping pad and next weekend is my tent setup weekend when I will play “where did I pack away those tent stakes?” game because they never end up where they are supposed to. I also need to clean my cooler, find the longjohns, maybe I will do all this under the influence of rumballs to make it a true training weekend. Only 47 more days 'til I hit the west side of the divide!!!

I know a song that goes along with this topic pretty well!?!?!


Don’t bring whimpy tent stakes to Telluride! Get the ones that look like 10" nails with a plastic piece at the top. And, pack a big hammer.

The Kaptain :cheers

High My Name is Ron , and I too are a Telluride Packer :wave :wave :wave

Tent, Shower tent, Kitchen Box and set up all done . sleeping bags to go to the clearners next week
All i have to buy are extra bungees , zip ties , and spare tarps …Oh and order the Batter mix for the catfish , and I also wanted to buy a trailer but alas maybe next year along with a small solar system

damn almost forgot the Duct Tape

:cheers :festivarian

Who has a list? Someone posted a pretty good packing list last year… My head is spinning because of several factors- this would give me a head start.


Hooch has a good list, sure he wont mind posting it!!!


Never forget the Ducktape

which reminds me its time to order the colored ducktape again.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sam! Most of my list has been tested by time but the camping portion is new and is probably is a bit lean for those who don’t travel as light. Unfortunately it does not cut/paste into the forum window from Excel very well without being a jumbled mess (or excessively long) so if anyone wants it, just send me a direct email.

Here is the list I posted under the topic “The Ultimate Packing List”

I finally found this on my old hard drive and have begun to update it. You can use this as a quote starting point. quote

Now without further audieu Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine

Jerry’s RunaMuck packing list:

Tickets - wallet - cash
Ez ups with spikes
Ground cloth
Nylon twine
Sleeping Bag
Therma rests
Flashlight/head lamps
Walkie Talkies
cell phone w xtra battery
bluetooth headset
charging cable
Quarters (for showers)
comfy shoes and sandals
lotsa socks
Clothes - long sleeved t shirts
skirt - tie die for rumballs
Big straw hat
heavy jacket and fleece
reading glasses
rain suit
water bottles
day pack
duck call
croquet set


shaving kit
bath towel
lip balm
hair brush
foot slave

folding table
cutting boards
2 burner coleman stove
white gas
unleaded gas (back up for truck/stove)
bar towels
waffle irons
coffee grinder
spray on corn oil
sourdough starter
mesquite charcoal
jumiper for smoking
firestarter chimney
roll-up table
small skillet
paper plates
festival cups
metal cups
knife bag
dr bronners soap
tin foil, and zip lock, and garbage bags
compost, recycle, and garbage buckets
cubitaners for water
hot water maker
propane tanks
stainless sink
5 gallon buckets for gray water

festival chairs
camp chairs

food ice chest
oyster ice chest
round gott coooler
co2 bottle
beer kit

Small propane bottles

minidisk recorder
stereo mic
big battery
solar panel with regulator
extension cord
blank mini discs
mic stand
gaffers tape
electrical tape
small flashlight
cable adapters

needle nose
vise grips
channel locks
wire cutter
swiss army knife
matte knife
tennis balls
gaffers tape

Wow that is one complete list! It might already be there, but I would definately bring asprin - there are only so many - ‘hair of the dog’s that bit you’ that you want to have before you scream for asprin!

Two things I wouldn’t want to live without: Duck Tape and Led Zeppelin. (okay, there’s a few more things but those two make every list)

No wimpy tent stakes here, I have some Titanium stakes from my scouting days of old, and a 5lb sledge from work.

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the only way to go !


I like the way your thinking :slight_smile:

what is a shower tent?

No… THIS is a shower tent! It’s got beer inside!

Wouldn’t you get a little sticky after a show of beer? :lol

So i guess what your tryin to say is that yours is bigger ???