Out of the bottle!

Feels so good to be out of that damn bottle once and for all. Enough of you have consumed me that I’ve finally amassed a life form. May God have mercy on your souls.


I can no longer control it!

You should change your name to Dr. Frankenstein


Frog is self-aware?! :eek

Well at least now you can give us the recipe on how to make you!!! :pirate

This can’t be good… :eek
There will questions, leading to many investigations. Even now the Evangelical Executive Advisory Board has set up shop across the street from a mysterious, secluded warehouse, on the outskirts of Grand Junction, Co. And the Westboro Baptist Church folks have sent a flock to the same locale. I hope President Obama doesn’t ignore this, and pass it on to the next Chief… :bag

oooooooooooooooooh, noooooooooooooo…


Call out the National Guard before it replicates! :eek

Too late, Tom. My tadpoles are everywhere

…gulp…cough cough!!! :dance :dance :huh :burn

I always worried that the frog would become sentient! The horror!

Hey, if DukTapeMan can stay sober enough to create a profile, why can’t a radioactive biohazard evolve into a personality. It certainly has an evil one going down. :cheers :eek :huh :burn :burn :burn

Who said you have to be sober to create a profile? <hic!>

Oh no …! :huh
These two vermin can not combine marauding forces! :drunk we’re doomed