Ouray after Telluride

So, we have nothing but time to burn and we want to spend a couple days in Ouray soaking. Who has some recommendations?

It’s a pretty popular location that time of year.
Call now to see if there’s still reservations to be made. :wave

When it snowed on Sunday in 2011, we were happy to miss our flight from Montrose because it meant hitting Ouray for the night and ended up being one of the highlights of the week. Beautiful scenery, nice trail that circles the valley/canyon. Great Mexican restaurant. Jeep rentals are cheaper there too so if you can, grab a jeep and hit some trails. We’ve stayed at the Historic Western Hotel a couple of times pre and post festival, kind of a hybrid hostel, but you have your own bedroom. Friendly, twin peaks vibe, easy on the budget. Our party always enjoyed staying there. Have fun.

Orvis gets :thumbsup :thumbsup