Opening up the Tarp Line Pandora's Box yet again

I know nobody wants yet another thread on the tarp line, but i have an idea for 2023 the would be easier on the Planet, and easier on the Town park / Warner campers.

The OLD tarp line wasn’t that bad, in that it was inconvenient for ONE or TWO people who had to sleep in line for their tarpmates. As one who did that many times, I’ll say this - sleeping in line was NOT that bad! Whereas the NEW tarp line inconveniences ALL TP / WF campers. We ALL have to get up and stand in line EVERY DAY. For those of us who would rather wake up slowly over a gallon or so of coffee, that “every day” thing is something I think we can easily eliminate.

Here’s one way:

Thursday morning, you get up, wake up your campmates, grab a coffee and head to the tarp line. There, your wristband is marked (hole punch?) as you get to the head of the line. But now instead of picking up only a THURSDAY line number, you get an envelope that contains FOUR RANDOMLY PACKAGED tarp line numbers, one each for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each with a unique color. Your entire tarp line experience is DONE!

This means TP / WF campers can enjoy the rest of their mornings in camp. It means Planet Bluegrass doesn’t have to send personnel there every day.

Ah, but what of the peeps who aren’t there on Thursday morning? Well, easy. Late arrivals are directed to the box office where they show an unmarked wrist band to receive one of the unused packets. Remember, there is a possibility that, because of late arrivals, not all of the primo numbers will be used every day.

Last idea - if Planet Bluegrass doesn’t want to take the time to make packets for all the TP / WF campers, WE can step up! If they provide us with the 4-colored tarp line numbers, we can get volunteers from the camps to help shuffle and collate the numbers. Maybe even us ABGAT’ers could take charge.

I know this isn’t a big deal to most of you, but I really like to enjoy my mornings in camp instead of dragging everyone out of their tents every day. Let’s do it just ONCE and be done with it!

Love it. I love sleeping in and having multiple cups of coffee too ha ha, so I like where your head is at.