Onsite camping question.

The rule of thumb is if it has a license plate or an axel, you need a vehicle pass. I have a slide in truck camper (10 Ft. ) that has neither, can I drop it and park my truck regular parking?

Let me see if I understand the question…

You want to take your truck’s camper shell off of your truck and use it as your tent?

It is more than a shell, it is a totally enclosed camper. You see one on the olsen camp page in the backround of the two jamming.

Ok…so you want to drive in, take your camper off the truck, set it on the ground, and use it as your tent. Correct?

If you answered yes to the question above, then I think it will be fine. The only catch is that while unloading/ loading your camper shell PLEASE be respectful of the campground and the grass. We don’t want to beat up the grounds.

aside form that, it should be ok.