:wave What’s up with the star fluctuation, or are you just messin’ with me cowboy :horsey :kiss :dog

What does it all mean, does it hold the key to the mystery of life…
Will we EVER know what lies beyond the 420 club… :lol

It’s all steeped in the mystical operations of all things festivarian. We may never now how it all works. It just does.

I simply sit back and enjoy the ride and let the small stuff work itself out.

:cheers :cheers

Yeah, I was a one-star “Newbie”, now I am a two star “Small Member”.

I thought I behaved myself at T-Ride and Rockygrass, but how did the folks at the planet know!!!

So that’s why I only have 5 stars most of the time and 6 other times. :lol

Okay how many do I have ?
and weres my Beer ?

I don’t really care about “star count”. One star, two star, doesn’t matter to me.

It’s the “small member” thing that has me worried.

I’ve being trying to keep that a secret! How did anyone find out?


a plaster cast perhaps ?
:evil :cheers :evil

Take heart Erndog…size only matters in martinis and explosive devises… :flower

Is this the right size martini? :lol

Or do you want a BIG martini :lol

The Password is… Erndog. :lol

So much talk with absolutely nothing at all said.
Love it, its better then CNN, Fox, and the Onion rolled into one.
The first Rule of FestClub is you do not talk about… :secret

Yes its almost june

Uhmmm Hope?

What, Darling? :flower

Never mind… :lol