One more initial TBF '14 artist "leak"

We’re just about ready to release a preliminary lineup, but I wanted to feature one more new artist on the 41st TBF lineup…

This band’s debut album was the first album we fell for in 2013 and it’s been in constant rotation all year long. We’re certainly not alone, as they’ve been popping up on year-end Best-Of lists across the country – including #1 on this list).

They sing with power and soul and in-the-moment honesty. We’re so excited to welcome them to the Shellman Stage for their Telluride Bluegrass debut:

The Lone Bellow

Here’s a slice of their gospel-country magic that’s destined to fill the box canyon with smiles and goosebumps come June: (“You Never Need Nobody”)

Wow that was nice. :medal

Just listening to these guys for the first time. Oh holy, they’re good. Thanks, Planet Bluegrass!!!

ONE of the best parts* of TBF is learning about artists you’ve never heard of. Keep 'em coming!

*If I had to list all the “best parts of TBF” I wouldn’t have time to do all the paperwork that is staring me in the face. Hmmm… Maybe I should start my list now!

Welp even with all this leakin goin on I still managed to get a pile of work done. Any distraction is a good one. :medal
But this rash, hives whatever you call it is all your fault. Spill the beans before I have a heart attack for goodness sake! :lol
So excited! ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS! :lol

:thumbsup A very good choice, indeed! :cheers

As would be the entire list of artists from that sweet PBS show Nashville 2.0 The Rise of Americana , just sayin’…
Also the entire list of artists from the Showtime docutuneshow Another Day, Another Time, and all the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack performers.
There, the fest is too full…with all of the regular TBF cast, of course.

(this job is so easy…)

It just came up on my shuffle and I realized… It would be pretty sweet if Ghost Rodeo Sessions played.

Goat Rodeo, sorry, haha.

I love it when bands I’ve never even heard of before sound that good!! :clap

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Carbone last night. He said they are fifty/fifty for 2014 TBG.

Planet Bluegrass, let’s make that 100%!

To take the Christmas morning metaphor a little further…getting a leak of an artist like Sam, Bela, or Del is like getting a Christmas gift that’s wrapped so obviously you KNOW what it is…like a book or a CD…and you love it and it’s one of your favorite gifts.

Leaked artists like this are the gifts wrapped so that have NO idea what they are…and when you unwrap them, you are thrilled with the surprise, excitement, and joy of a new discovery and future “favorite toy.”

Nice work, Planet Bluegrass! Merry Christmas!! :cheers

Man, that was beautifully said! :thumbsup


Thanks!! :cheers

Now having fun unwrapping all of the just-announced gifts!

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! :cheers


I always loved getting CDs or video games for Christmas, then you knew exactly it was going to be something good regardless of what it was! But very nicely said! I never thought of it that way

I second that! I want some RRE at Telluride!