Once there was a movie...

…and that moive’s title was Once.…and it had a beautiful soundtrack written and performed by it’s stars, Irish musician Glen Hansard and Czech singer and pianist Markéta Irglová.

They called themselves The Swell Season…and they made beautiful music together. Soon after being nominated for a Grammy for said performance, they decided to join our Festivarian family reunion for the 35th annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

As some of you may know, Glen Hansard was apart of another band…an Irish rock band who’s influence and eclectic styling are world renound. Glen decided to bring his band, The Frames, with him.

So, children…it is with great pleasure that I give you the two most recent additions to the 35th anniversary edition of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival:

The Swell Season
The Frames


Okay, kiddies, I am now officially excited for June…

These guys are amazing, to say the very least.

Gonna have to do my homework on these fellas… :wink:

Say this in your deepest Barry White voice…

:thumbsup OH… YEAH… :thumbsup

Or in your Best Duffman Voice

OMG…do I have another one for you guys. :hop :hop

…I can’t tell you just yet, but man-o-man…am I stoked for this one.

:horsey :clap :love :bag

You’re toying with us, Dustin…


Ok, so when do you think you will be able to tell us? :rolleyes

Come on, you know this is like Christmas Eve for most us now!!! Give us the goods! :lol

Dustin! You can’t say that and then just leave us hanging!! Now my bellybutton is all puckered!

Can’t you at least give us a hint…

They sure are pretty birds.


can’t . . . . . take it . . . . much . . . longer!

AH! i didn’t know they were the one’s who did the soundtrack for that movie! (oops) sweeeeeeeeeeet! thanks PB!

hmmm…pretty birds . . . gonna have to use my noggin for this one . .

Bluegrass Cardinals???

And they’re playing in Georgia in May? :thumbsup

Dixie Chicks :wink:

not that I know of? :huh

Damn! The only thing that comes to mind is “The Eagles”…

Unless the “Birds” is in reference to women as the British call them. :huh

I’m on board with this!

I can’t find any tour date info for them, so no way to confirm this theory.