On-site picker circle question

Not wanting to start any arguments here,,,but.. I have a first time on-site camper question. What side has the best picker circles going on after the last act? The tent only side or vehicle side. I am only in a tent, so I could go to ether side depends on the picking.  :cheers

I can’t speak for how it has been done in the distant past but for the last 3 years the On-site vehicle has by far been the place for late night picking. I have been at tent only and while there are a few circles it doesn’t compare to vehicle on site.

Thank you, this is for my listening pleasure only. Considering I can barley flub my way up and down a simple G-scale on my mando I doubt I could keep up. But it’s great to just listen all the same.

Isn’t “the flub” what it’s all about? :flower That’s what the circle is there for! Pick on, SKYRUNNER, something more than nothing. :pickin :lovedr :cheers