On-Site Camping Question- Vehicle?

This will be my first Rockygrass and we have a vehicle parking pass for the on-site camping (not sure if this is a good thing). How does the on-site parking work? Will our car just be “in the way” of all the great camping?

I went to TBF for the first time this year and it looked like the tent situation at Town Park was pretty tight.

Any advice as to on-site parking, site selection would be greatly appreciated.

And thanks to Telluride Tom for the wonderful coozie at TBF!!!

If you plan on using your vehicle as a camper, ie a VW type camper, a pop-up type camper, or something like that where you are living out of your vehicle, a vehicle pass is handy.

If you are a musician and need your vehicle to lock up your gear, it’s a good idea, too.

We are camping with a “somewhat” larger group, and we will have 1 vehicle for the whole group to use to lock up stuff, charge the blender at night, etc. We could live without it, but with 12-14 people, our group decided that they want to have a vehicle handy.

Other than that, I can’t really think of a good reason why you’d need a vehicle for on-site camping.

Parking for vehicles without on-site parking passes is in the Meadow Park area, and it’s a real quick walk over there if you did need to get to your vehicle. Forget about getting out of the on-site area once you park your car on Thursday.

Overall, the vehicle pass thing is over-rated. More hassle than convienence.

Just my $.02


You’re correct in thinking that space gets a little tight in the on-site camping section. Most people that are camping on-site, and not attending the Academy, line-up on Thursday morning and wait until the flood gates open around 6pm to grab a good spot. Then it’s first come first serve. Most people go for the few shadey spots and fill in by the River first. Keep in mind though that there will already be people in the camping area for the Academy (who line up Saturday for a spot). In Meadow Park people will show up two-weeks in advance and pay the town of Lyons for a spot until the Festival. I guess what I’m saying is, you’d better show-up early Thursday to get in line, otherwise it will be a challenge to get your vehicle in.
If you think that you’d rather just get rid of the vehicle pass, I’ll take it off your hands (me and everyone else that is). I’m going to the Academy and will be in the on-site campground all week. If you sell me your pass, I’ll see what I can do to keep some room in our camp for you (no promises though since saving spots on-site for later arrivals is strictly taboo). I’ve been looking for a vehicle pass since the lottery ended so I don’t have to move my van Thursday night. Give me a call if interested.

Parking is at Olson for a fee and it’s a bit of walk, 15-25 minutes depending on speed.

It’s like $5 for the whole weekend. The Shuttle is free.

My 2 cents… If your not sleeping in the vehicle, the pass is being wasted. Instrument storage aside. Ern-dog has an excellent idea. One non-sleeping vehicle for many to share instrument space. That’s festivating!