Olsen camping

It is also my first rocky grass.We have camping passes at Olsen.I just drove over there,and to me it resembles a large farmer’s field.I know it opens thursday at 9am.I know people line up wed night.Is there any advantage to getting in line,or,is anybody getting there thursday morning,destined to camp in a shadeless field,regardless?We have a vehicle pass,do we end up camping next to the car,or is that parked in a different spot.I assume the car can be moved during the day,to run errands ect?..Thanks,Patrick

I camped Olsen some years back, and got there early, but even up against the trees you get wicked morning sun. We were able to tuck behind a fallen tree to get partial shade, but the tent was still hot shortly after sunrise. Bring shade. A canopy with a tarp or sheet for a wall, and the tent under/behind it can help a lot. You can also get affordable freestanding hammocks to sleep in the open air in the morning when skeeters are sleeping. I got a battery-powered fan and set it on a chair next to my hammock and put a bandana over my head and earplugs in and slept pretty well on some hot mornings.