Old Settlers Daily Lineup w/ Elephant Revival & Molly Tuttle

Lineup - Old Settlers Music Festival

Great festival near Austin Texas. Tickets never sellout including RV camping.
145 acres for 3000 people. Plenty of room to enjoy the vibe.

Elephant Revival plays a rare Texas date.
Will see Molly again two weeks later at Jazz Fest.

We’ll be in Austin that weekend for the Punk in Drublic festival with NOFX! It’s Saturday and Sunday, might see if we can get Friday tickets to Old Settlers. How far is Old Settlers from Carson Creek Ranch in Austin?

Just looked it up, and it’s only about 40 minute drive so probably going to do it!

Fred, if you get a Friday only ticket, does that include camping? I don’t see any camping passes for sale, just vehicle passes.

Todd, I don’t think you can buy single day camping. Lockhart, Texas is only 15 miles away with Hotels.
Looking forward to seeing you and Monica at Old Settlers!

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April 20-23: Countdown to Old Settler’s!

14 days

4 days of Americana/roots music, camping, jamming and family-fun in beautiful Dale, TX (just outside Austin). Tickets on Sale Now!

Old Settlers Music Festival – Legendary music & camping festival since 1987

Car is 80% packed with camping gear. Out the door early Tuesday.
Just 2 1/2 hour drive.
Les Bon Temps Rouler

We’ll be getting there Friday around 2 or 3. Keep that front row ready!

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You will be surprised at how much smaller the crowds are. No one brings tarps, no running of tarps.
I plan to put chairs down Friday morning front center at the main stage. I will bring extra chairs and put two down for you and Monica. We will be next to the stage. No roped off area with 6 or 7 rows of chairs. Old Settlers is laidback.
Schedule with set times.
Lineup – Old Settlers Music Festival
Call me if you have any questions.
Festival passes, RV and camping do not sale out. No stress about not getting tickets.
Only thing that sales out is Electrical Permits.

Just got back from Old Settlers. Another great year. Unpacking today, washing clothes, cutting the yard etc.
Repack and out the door Wednesday morning for 12 days of Jazz Fest.

The big news this weekend came from Molly Tuttle. She got married to Kyle Tuttle 3 weeks ago in Vegas.
Kyle is her banjo player.
They claim they were not related before. weird…

Best of 2023 per my taste. In order.

  1. Elephant Revival
  2. Tommy Emmanuel
  3. Molly Tuttle
  4. Big Richard (All female Bluegrass from Colorado) I have a sticker " Big Richard Head"
  5. The Brothers Comatose (First time to see them)
  6. Twisted Pine (First time to see) First Bluegrass I’ve seen with flute. Nice!

The numbers were up this year. 30% increase in ticket sales.

This has become my number two music festival. As long as it is not the same weekend as JF.
They target the weekend near 4/20.

First time to see Molly perform White Rabbit.

Not from this weekend.

Molly with Tommy Emmanuel
White Freight Liner Blues | Collaborations | Tommy Emmanuel & Molly Tuttle - YouTube

Pretty sure Molly is dating the front man for Old Crow, I think thats just a running joke with Kyle and Molly.

If they are joking, they are going way beyond just a joke. On stage Molly said “People are always asking us if we are brother and
sister or married. Well, now is the time to come clean. I will let Kyle explain”
Then Kyle announced they were married in Vegas recently…