Old Settler's advice...

Hey y’all :wave
Longtime Colorado festivarian - RG & TBF…and I’m seriously eyeing Old Settler’s this year…

Just seeking some insight re: camping vs lodging, festival vibe, pickin’ scene in the campground.
Does music start Thursday DAY or night?

Any and all advice welcome :thumbsup

May your New Year be jammed with all things bluegrass! :cheers

New location this year so none of us know much. The new venue is out in the middle of nowhere so come prepared in terms of food, drinks, and gear. Music starts Thursday night.

  • camping vs lodging

I live in Austin and have been to four OSMF. One of the best parts of the fest for me is in the campground, they have Camp Goodtimes which is an acoustic stage in the campground. It is a no-talking zone during the music and fantastic. So I would vote for camping, just because of this.

  • festival vibe

Friendly folk who have been going for a long time. Austin is a pretty liberal place so that vibe caries over to OSMF. Assholes seem few and far between.

  • pickin’ scene in the campground

There are lots of folks who bring instruments and play. Skill level varies. I have never been to TBF (my first time is this summer), but I would imagine that it draws lots of folks. That said there are lots of fun people playing music after the fest into the wee hours.

  • Does music start Thursday DAY or night?

Music starts at 4-5 at the campground stage (or at least in the past).

2018 is a new location at a piece of ground that the festival has purchased. They got dicked out the last venue (which was very nice). There was some drama there. I’ve driven out to the new site and it has trees and shade ( which is nice) and they will have showers as well (probably not as nice as town park - I camped for Blues and Brews last year). Port a johns.

There are usually a few food vendors that go all day, so if camping cooking isn’t your deal, plenty of placed to grab a bite (corndogs / BBQ / etc). Beer/wine sales on the music site, BYOB in camping area.

Been to OSMF the last 3 years. New venue looks promising and the camping is a must to get the full experience. So many pickers and campers of all ages. I love it. Unfortunately I hurt my knee last week and have to miss it. I’m selling my 3 day camping pass if anyone needs it.

Camp any chance you can. Impromptu jams are proof people are happy and glad they did so enjoy the Texas outdoors as much as possible, before the heat comes … Then to-hell-we-ride