Old Hat's and Tickets

Hope you are doing well and recovering from your hicup. Great to see you and “Jailhouse Tom” and I plan to come down real soon.
Just a thought. Know you got blanked on tickets, as did Kenny and Carolyn, some of Fishbone camp and, of course, “Jailhouse Rob and Tom”, not to mention all the others.
It seems to me , there ought to be a “Grandfather Clause” for those who have been part of the “Town Park” family every year. Our camps ( Sreamboat, Famingo, Fishbone, Tiki, Wander-in and of course your camp provide the pre-festival entertainment and commoradory each and every year (at great expense) for all the Town Park campers. And all the campers, new or old, are allowed to attend.
After being part of the community for only four years, Tom and I, I think, have become part of the regulars, that far surpass us in years of attendance. The halibut, oysters and green chili went well last year. We plan to continue this "Tridition " and helping this be a special time for old and new alike. Planning on B-B Que Brisket with my sauce for this year. Tom didn.t get to Alaska this year for the Halibut, but I’m sure Ron will have the catfish. We can again joint forces, or the brisket will be available at the “Jailhouse” as folks wander down the hill.
Guess what I’m getting at, is the “Planet” folks need to see that the “Major” camps are what really make the Teluride Bluegrass experience for the Town Park campers. We go every year and start making our plans for the next year on our way home from the current festival.
So, at any rate, we need to fine a better way to “Grandfather” the major camps and the folks that make this their major vacation. Maybe look at the consectutive years of attendance. I know you need tickets, the “Jailhouse Boys” got blanked and so did Kenny and Carolyn.
Let me know if you find wome tickets…I’ve already talked to my butcher on the brisket.
Anybody reading, please let me know if you have any extra tickets. Contact Telluride Tom or myself and we will get them to the regular camps that got blanked in the Loto this year. With you help, all will go as it have for 30 years.
Talk to ya soon, Tom.
Jailhouse Rob

Hey Rob !!
how goes it brother ??
This is just a thought Ive had since we started this whole forum
that soooner or later we would "cut our own throats "
by having just as much fun here as we have at Festival
and over the years we have always ended up getting ALL
the Traditional Camps in and we have our Family Reuion!
Its rough on all of us …but Im begging that we keep this Positive !!
Good Karma= Good Karma
Im praying that as the time grows closer the floodgates will open
as has always happened in the past
The Newbes Know they can get ahold of Tom or I
and we can tell em who to get ahold of
Much love and peace to all
Happy Holidays !

Ron and I are always in contact with the veteran camps that put on all the wonderful events. Without them the the Town Park experience would not be the same.
If any of the newbies have a change in plans I hope that they contact either me or Ron to pass on any passes so that the traditions remain alive! :flower