Old Festivarian, New Parent = Shade Tent/Town Line Questions!

Hi Everyone,

We are SO excited to be coming BACK after taking a couple years off and having a baby! However, I feel anxious about the tarp line since we’ve only ever done it from the TP/WF side and we have NO idea how the town side works. Any advice/answers you can give us would be awesome!

  • what time does the town line start? I seem to remember seeing people in the town line when we were headed to nightgrass shows in the past. Do we really need to spend all night in line?

  • how likely are we to get a shade spot where we can actually see the stage? How quickly do those fill up?

  • can we switch off with the person in line?

  • they let the town line and the TP/WF line in at the same time, right?

So many questions! Thanks!

I’m giving you a bump to see if this brings the post up again for someone to answer your questions.

Our long-standing line policy exists to create a kinder, gentler, more Festivarian-like entry each morning. Please keep in mind that the entry line is a complicated logistical problem and we have developed these rules with decades of experience, while taking a number of factors into consideration.

Our goal is to create an entry procedure that will be fair, orderly, and will satisfy the greatest number of Festivarians. Any feedback or suggestions you may have are greatly encouraged!
Remember, this is a general admission festival. Your tarps do not change that. Festivarians who see an unoccupied tarp are encouraged to have a seat until the owner returns.

Line Policy - Town Side (General Admission)

You must be physically present in line at all times - no empty chairs!
Numbers will be handed out each morning prior to the gates opening.
Even after receiving your number, you must stay in line - reasonable bathroom/coffee breaks aside.
Per Town ordinance, you may not camp in line - this means no tents, no cooking, and no sleeping.
One number, one person, one tarp.
Festivarians with numbers will be admitted into the Festival in order, one at a time, after going through the standard Customs procedure.
Line Policy - Town Park/Warner Field Side

750 numbers will be RANDOMLY distributed to Town Park and Warner Field wristband holders ONLY. (no kids bands will receive a number)
Numbers will be distributed each morning of the Festival between 7am and gates open at the TP/WF entrance.
ONE number, one person, one tarp. No exceptions!
After receiving your number, please find your numeric position in line no less than 30 minutes prior to the gates opening
Festivarians with numbers will be admitted into the Festival in order, one at a time, after going through the standard Customs procedure.
Due to the random nature of the number distribution, there is no need to line-up overnight

Welcome back!

-town line starts EARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLY wednesday morning if not Tuesday night. did I mention EARLY?

  • get a # > 100 and you’ll not be in the first shade tent row except for possibly on Thurs. Depending on the configuration, you can still get sight lines. straggle in after Mr Soundman and the rush end, and it will be difficult.

-you can certainly switch with another person in your chair in line. chairs will be empty, but always best not to forget it and not check in every now and then. Nightgrass will often see entire sections of the town line empty that then fill in as the night goes on. It really depends on your constitution (or fill of whisky) as to how long over night you stay in your chair. This reason (among others like the lady that constantly cut in front of people in the TP line every year) is the reason Town Park now does random numbers a-la RG/FF. No “sleeping” in line isnt enforced unless the guy next to you saws logs like a lumberjack.

-the people that smell like soap do get let in at the same time as TP/WF though they are usually slower and often perplexed at the Town Park line

Hey all. This is the town side policy referenced I believe.

This is how it goes now in TP/warner, unless they changed it back.
Im going to be brief.

In town Park you get in line around 7 or 8am each day. Cant remember specifically what time. You get a “random” number each day and there you go. That is the order we line up in. More people in your group get numbers the better.

As a family going for shade in TP you will kill it and fair quite well if you have several of you getting numbers each day

I just got home from Costa Rica so maybe my brain is slow but you should be solid for shade bringing a lil through town Park.

Pura Vida, FESTIVAL!

With the increase in demand for shade more and more people are having their view blocked by shade tents with “sides.” Yes, EZ Ups are heavy, but they are more kind to the people sitting behind you. We got low numbers last year and our view was still blocked all 4 days. So, get in line and hope for the best.

Thanks everyone!

Does anyone know what time they pass out the numbers for the town line? Is it a random time in the middle of the night?