" A point in all directions is like no point at all."
" You’ve got a point."

This sign as you walked into fest. Did you see it?
Is it an abscuer Frank Zappa line forgotten in time?

My mind says but the gift is in the journey, flounder about, at yer own pace. Sometimes ya need to do the entire loop before you have a point of referance… made me think.

So is this a line from a movie ?? :lol :lol

Life is funnnnnnnnn… :cheers :flower

Cadillac Sky, I just have to say it again.

I love their performance at the Wildflower and I really like their stuff they play on the air…

But personally I felt a different vibe this time. Lots of angry girl songs and throwing around instruments,

makes me cringe… just not the same vibe… :flower sorry

Yes the music felt real but maybe too real. :mad

I like em better when they are not so angry… :flower

Sarah Jarosz- OH YES SHE CAN!!! ROCK ME and hold her own when shes jammin with the big guns!!! What a flippin insperation and way to rock the house !!! My new Mando hero! :medal

Peter Rowan, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! His voice sounds so strong this year!! Love his yodel :cheers :cheers

Sorry, not a fan of the marshmallows…especially when they’re stuck on the bottom of my shoes, and embedded with rocks…but, hey, I guess it’s relatively harmless…