odd sound

I can hear traffic outside. If I was outside, I would hear birds, maybe a jet, school buses, all sorts of stuff. Sometimes I like to hear weird stuff, like Matmos, the books, plunderphonics, The Gray folded, found sound, stuff that nobody in their right mind will want to hear. I’m good with small doses of it like Vijay iyer and mike ladd: In what Language? Maybe John Cage? So do any of you shall this fascination of sound? If so, what? It is not for the timid, I can only listen by myself to not get a stink eye and “What’s that? Turn it off!”, but I like to find new stuff to hear. any suggestions?

If you want something “odd” try listening to Wild West Radio.

I guarantee you’ll hear something you’ve never heard before within 15-30 minutes. :lol

:wave When I’m working odd sounds scare me… That usually means a microphone, cable, or something else is about to go wonky and make some really bad noise.

When I get outside and not working, odd sounds fascinate me.


Odd sounds? … Magpies screeching outside the window at sunrise! The great horned owl that had nested in the tree across the street last year. The wily woodpecker pounding out a staccato rhythm on the stove’s exhaust fan vent at 6 am on a Saturday! And, of course, the bugling elk in rut! A cacophony of nature here in the foothills of the Rockies.


The Chippeys … ripping the Bread bag…

The sounds my employees make…they sing mexcian mariachi music 9 hours a day …
and they don’t like bluegrass at all… :huh what up with that?

okay, so the odd sounds that you hear are in nature? At least they can be identified. My computer has a huge library of mechanical music sounds, my front door clicks and pops when the sun hits it on cold spring mornings, and my woodstove brings in sound through the chimney from outside when I open the door to light a fire, then there is that fire sound. Odd music is usually from other cultures, or the edges of this culture, which is what I originally thought I was considering. I think that odd sounds occur because we don’t dismiss them like we dismiss the familiar. How many sounds do we ignore, and not hear because they are too familiar? I think that in and around human habitations we get used to so many sounds that it feels weird to not hear a motor. Its like ignoring the stars and the moon because the street lights make them hard to see. the strangest sound I hear is not a “sound”, as in vibrating air, it is tinnitus, which, I am sure, some of you hear. It changes in volume and I have to work to find ways to not “hear” it, but it has made me aware of other sounds that I would normally dismiss. Not that I would dismiss the sound of a falcon or a hawk, or a woodpecker, or bacon crackling in a skillet, or a water drop. what other odd sounds do you hear?

I haven’t been too fond of the sound my Toyota Tootie is making lately when I turn the corner. CV joints aren’t gonna be too constant much longer I’m afraid! I only know the sound because my Subaru Hossie had it too, many years ago. waaa
Ya’ll don’t EVEN want to hear the sounds Dan makes in the morning! Or Bella the moose dog when she is stretching; now that is really weird.

I’d have to say though, that I love the sound of the birds waking up and saying good morning to each other, the water running over the drop-box in the irrigation ditch and sounds like a waterfall outside my bedroom window, the coffee maker starting to percolate, the silence on the ski lift on an uncrowded day, the different sounds of the snow under my skis.

Probably my favorite sound though, is a little baby laughing out loud for the first time. It’s just so cute! Even a grumpy old fart has to smile at that. :giggle

Reminds me of the sound of my truck throwing a rod, a tap, getting louder and louder and then a grinding halt.arrrgh

when I began this thread, I was not sure what would result. I listen to sound in many different ways. I like music that comes from different cultures. Listening to percussion from Airto Moreira, Tuva throat singers,Asian underground music, and Avant Garde western styles, it is amazing what we consider music. I live near people that say there is only two kinds of music, country and western, which comes mainly from Nashville, urban and mideastern, and I don’t mean Arabian, but I believe there are so many forms of sound that music becomes recognizable in many forms. The human voice holds an amazing variety of sound, from chants to boring lectures to beautiful singing voices and the chatter we all hear daily. We hear the rhythms in everything from trains, to woodpeckers. harmonies blend through voice and musical instruments, various tones that sound together to form chords of wide textures. I enjoyed Firesign Theater, Ken Nordine’s Devout Catalyst, the Grateful Dead space, a small package will come to you shortly, #9, water against rock and sand, wind, rain, and the indescribable range of sounds that I have experienced in my life. Hearing wind blow the music at TBF can be considered an irritation or a unique way to hear that sound. I heard about a Chinese man that is creating many forms of recorded sound, selling ring tones from gunshots to laughter, and he recorded people with different dialects of the chinese language. In my search, I have no intention of ignoring the music that I love, but I am intrigued by the different ways people have played with sound. Hence odd sound. bouzouki

An odd sound that I enjoy is the sound Ocotillos make when blown by a gentle breeze. Ocotillos are tall thin cactus branches that look like fireworks frozen in time, their tall spindly branches shooting out of the ground with a dash of bright red flowers at the top. On a quiet day, if the breeze blows just right, the ocotillos sway rubbing thorns against each other. The noise they make is a quiet, but clear clicking. It is hard to describe, but if you hear it, you have to pause and reassure your ears that they are hearing a noise. Once you pinpoint that it is the Ocotillo, the sound of their thorns clicking against each other makes beautiful, relaxing ‘music’.

I suppose that you have to keep your mouth shut to hear it. You must be in the southwestern desert. I like the unique sounds of wind and plants. I found a large hollow log that I wanted to bring home, to pound on, but I could not lift it in my truck. The rattle of seed pods in wind, different than the sound of wind through trees. I love the sound of wind in Telluride trees, with the stream as I walk along it. Sound as art is not limiting, that is for sure.

I can make a fiddle sound like a bag full of mashed cats, thats got to account for somethin’ :wink:

I can make my ocean harp sound like my tinnitus, but that doesn’t mean I should bring it to TBF. I can also do without jackhammers, farts in elevators, and large jets at low altitude.

Especially when you don’t fill it up with your own thoughts and sounds, but the sound of music on the solstice in the mountains is certainly unique and you get to meet so many unique people, and they make interesting sounds themselves. I like to walk around lots of people and hear bits and pieces of conversation with no context. The American day dream where a raven makes as much sense with one “CAW”, as in “what you sayin’ bro?” “That makes no sense at all.” Time for that all important silence, and a deeeeeeeeeeep breath

The Dead made some odd sounds.

The wind is talking loud today, mixing with the traffic. Copper roses opened up today, all over Grand Junction. I can’t hear the birds except for one raven, must be time to sit in the wind, get ready for TBF, hanging outside all day.

Last night it started to rain in the middle of a sand storm. so it was basically raining little balls of mud.
We learned our lesson, never go outside when this is happening and most of all do not look up. :swearing

I think a mandocello is bigger.
Spent the weekend in Fort Collins watching a friend finish and graduate. I also did some TBF practice, hanging out with youngsters in bars, they can sure drink, but I don’t know how they all felt in the morning. The odd sound was all those voices trying to be louder than the rock music and each other. someone told me I could make that effect on tape by making a bunch of geese honk and looping the tape, until it sounds like people, and probably as intelligent as well. :cheers