OCMS vs. Mumford?

Hey there, I’ve heard that people with tickets sometimes can’t get in to sold-out nightgrass shows at the Sheridan when it gets too packed. I uber-stoked to see O.C.M.S but they play from 9:30-11 on Sat night and the doors for the Mumford nightgrass show open at 10. Is there a chance that if I stay at the fest til the end of OCMS and then try to get into the Opera House at 11 I won’t be able to get in, even with a ticket? Thanks!
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You will be able to enter with a ticket. :thumbsup

I think this was only a problem when there was an “All-Venue” Nightgrass pass, with which it was difficult to predict how many people would actually attend each concert.

Since there are no longer “All-Venue” passes available, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have a ticket :slight_smile:

definitely stay for OCMS. M&S has an opener even

Yes, but the opener is Abigail Washburn!! :slight_smile: She’s no schlub and if you want to secure your spot at the Mumford show, she won’t disappoint you!

Sweet! Do you know what time the various artists are going to start playing? Doors at 10, show at 11 perhaps?

Thats always a tough choice do ya stay or do ya get over to the Sheridan. I always rushed over and usually then thought why didn’t I just stay awhile longer.

Stay for OCMS. You never know what other guests might be lurking in the wings.
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I’m going to see Drew, Billy, Andy and the guys in ENB, but I’ll get there late too.
Either way, you won’t be missing out, because it’s ALL good baby! :cheers

I say play it by ear. Stay at the fest until you’re ready to leave. There will be more music later.

you and almost everyone else at the festival will be trying to make the same decision. I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you stay for OCMS! as was posted earlier you WILL GET IN! but you’ll kick yourself in the ass if you leave early and have to wait for M&S to take the stage.

I wouldn’t say 300 people is “almost everyone at the festival…” Most of us are going to be perfectly satisfied watching OCMS without having to worry about rushing over to see some overhyped band from England. :wink:

I stand corrected on the “Everyone” comment. as for over-hyped? we’re all entitled to our opinions, mine is to enjoy all the music. including the campground picks and parties. my nightgrass days are about over. been there done that enough times to know I get enough of what I need without them.

:huh You make it sound like it’s a bad thing to be “overhyped” and “from England”? What’s wrong with being popular, and from overseas? IMHO, I can’t wait for the SOH show on Saturday, and will prolly be listening to OCMS’s last song as I (s)wander over to Nightgrass, as to avoid the mass exodus from the festifield. I’m ready! :cheers

It was a tongue-in-cheek comment. I like Mumford & Sons.