allotting enough time for the two-day t-ride hangover, oakhurst is coming to the fox on wednesday night. hopefully everyone will be back in ship shape, because this show will be high octane, high energy new age slam grass. let me know if any of you plan on attending, and we should party before, during, and after. dont think you can relax just yet… its back to the bluegrass grind. :thumbsup

Make sure to make it there for the opener, Devil makes Three.

They are a great Band.


ive heard good things. what do they do?? i definitely dig their name
i just caught oakhurst on a whim late night at wakarusa and they blew me away. i feel like they could be the next big thing because they are doing something different. they played like high energy rock and roll but still busted out some crazy old school pickin tunes when i saw them too. respect.

This really should have been posted in the “Colorado” section of the forum, since it doesn’t really pertain to Telluride. :huh