Get one

That sounds like a very good plan! Keep life simple…

I’m just curious, but can you clarify one thing? If the lineup stops at 12:15, are the tickets handed out right then, or is there still a waiting process for some unknown time?

If they are handed out at 12:15, then you have essentially encouraged a LOT more people to show up in line…and I think that might get out of control.

Regarding the process of just moving the line through the front gate to hand out random numbers - that’s a great idea! As is the idea of disallowing any new people to hop on the end of the line once the ticket distribution process has started…if you’re not there when it starts, tough cookies.

Just my $0.02.

Yeah, I wonder if they would have run out last night if they had implemented this plan. We were sitting right by the entrance to the on site campground. When they guy ran out that started handing them out from the front a bunch of people ran up and a bunch of people ran out from the campground and swamped the guy coming from the back. We got squeezed out except that a couple people with more than one gave 2 out of the 8 or so of us their “bad” numbers. I almost wish they would just bag the numbers thing altogether and let the level of hardship you are willing to endure determine your place in line. That might present some safety issues and/or conflict though.

I honestly cannot believe they ran out of numbers (again) last night. Why does the number hand out guy allow himself to be swamped by people and give them the numbers instead of the people who have been waiting patiently in line according to the rules? That guy doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife.

I can’t believe PG allows this sorry state of affairs to continue, especially after the mishaps last year. There just has to be a better way.

I sold my tickets, thanks for letting know I should have no regrets. Some of the best music you’ll hear anywhere, but they need to find a better way to deal with crowds who are trying to get their preferred sitting location. I thought about and didn’t have the strength to deal with the mob this year, sounds like it is messed up as the last few years.

I can’t blame the guy. I even think he did a pretty good job dealing with a fairly unruly crowd. It was like 100 against 1.

I don’t see how he could have possibly known who had been there all night and who had not. I wish they had had enough numbers but I can’t blame the guy handing them out for not knowing who was following the rules and who wasn’t. I do think that the OP suggestion about having people file through the gate is a potential improvement though.

Regardless everyone in my circle got good enough spots that we were all smiling. Once these kids fall asleep I’ll be heading back down.

Just to be clear - my wife is staying with our kids. I’m just helping with bed time before heading back to the festival. I’m not putting kids to bed and then abandoning them. She got to see Del and Sam last night. I get Steve and Red tonight. We have the neighbor kids too tonight and the neighbors will have ours tomorrow so the wife and I get Yonder together sans offspring. :thumbsup

Okay, now that I have established myself as not being a neglectful Dad please return to solving the number line issues.

Steve Earle, or Earl Steve according to Waldo last night.