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Hey, this will be my third year at TBF and for some reason I slacked on buying camping at Mary E Ilium where I wanted to stay (though I shouldve anticipated spots selling out). Aside from high school and Lawson Hill camping I see my options are camp grounds not supported by Planet Bluegrass unfortunately. Im considering one of these camp grounds because Id like to have a camping experience not offered through the high school or Lawson. On that note, can anyone suggest any of these grounds?
My group and I will have mountain bikes and are willing to travel some distance, but are some of the camp grounds closer than others? Do any of them have some access via the gondola? Are there trails into Telluride from these grounds? Will there be other campers looking to have have a good time or will it be a romantic weekend w/ my two male friends?
I know thats a lot of questions, but if anybody has any suggestions or input on the matter Id greatly appreciate it. Alta Lakes camp ground sounds cool…?
Thanks, Kevin W.

Alta Lakes well cool though hard to access after gondola closes and still far away when Gondola open. Sunshine campground probably a bit better as down hill off highway, National Forest ground I believe, check w/ Forest Service. There are a few spots around town, if you can find a helpful local just ask when you get to town, and please clean up w/o a trace.

Good campground that you can drive to/from is Matterhorn. Hot showers on site included in the campsite price.

12 mi S. of Telluride just below Trout Lake.

there are two warner field camping tix for sale at this moment…

I believe the Warner field camping is included in the purchase of a festival pass (or the two are sold as a pair, not individually-I think), which I already have, but thanks for the advice.

Can anybody tell me if there are trails from the ‘Alta Lake’ camp ground to Mountain Village/gondola that will take me into Telluride?

Thanks, The Big Ragu

You could hike from Alta Lakes to the top of the Gondola, or on a lower road from Alta Lakes around the West shoulder of the dividing ridge (Prospect) towards Mtn. Village and hitch to town. The hike from Alta Lakes to top of Gondola probably 2-3 hrs. depending on pace. From prospect ridge down to “Prospect trail” picked up at top of Prospect Lift down under lift 6 and over to top of Gondola at Station San Sofia. Got GPS?

Once you get into to town, find the post office near the official entrance of the fest. there are always tix for sale by those who couldn’t make it. An enormous effort must be made to stay at Alta Lakes or anything more than 10 miles from town. Buy a camp pass and you will be grateful! :cheers

echo Dewstar.