No Drew Emmitt?

Why no Drew this year??? He should be the MC of the festival ala Pastor Mustard. or at least have him sit-in with each band on the mainstage.

I agree thats really weird that hes not there at all. Of all the bands hes in you think he would get there some way or another.

Having him sit in with every band would be a bit much, But I’d love to see him come out and play with Sam :thumbsup

I agree that his lack of presence will be felt. I’d love to see him make some guest appearances with Yonder or Sam, or anyone for that matter. Even if he was just a tweener or played a workshop, I’d love to see him.

I did not even notice that he was not in the line up this year. I always assumed that he would be there. Isn’t he a still a Colorado Homeboy? This blows. I have not checked his website, but he must have some kind of prior commitment. I can’t believe that PB would not invite him back.

Drew will be missed that’s for sure.

No Drew Emmitt? It don’t seem right! :frowning: Hope he shows up for a guest shot, at least!

Dustin-You think you could shine some light on this topic? All of us are mighty curious!

He’s been at the last 3 in a row, but missed the one before that (2005). His website doesn’t list any shows during the week of Telluride, though he does have one the week before in Colorado, so it at least seems he’ll be in the area.

Wouldn’t it be great if he just came by to festivate and pick in TP like the rest of us??? How often do you think professional musicians actually go to concerts and fests?? Not too often I bet.

He can share my tarp anytime :flower

I believe he lives in Crested Butte still, so if he’s ‘Home’ he’s not that far away!!

That being said, It would be O-SOME if he sat in on some sets (In my opinion, their is no Too Much Drew). Not knocking the show because it was a blast, but the 2nd set of yonder at the kick off show that he sat in on BLEW the 1st set out of the water!


No Drew AND no Vince. Somehow it just doesn’t seem like a complete Telluride without Vince’s “FESTIVAAAAAAAAALLLL!”. I’m still gonna Dance On My Head though :wink:

Vince is at the Boulder Theater tonight doing his annual Charity fund raiser for the Watershed School. So if your in Boulder he is . Great cause as well.

I hadn’t eevn thought about no Vince. I’m really going to miss Salmon this year :frowning: