Any word on Nightgrass shows yet, besides the ones at RaM?

It’s due to be announced any time now! The last few years it’s been an early April announcement.

I’m hoping there’s going to be a Nightgrass announcement this week!

Soon and very soon… (historically speaking)

Here we goooooooooooooooo

Worth noting:

“This year, the on-sale will begin at 10am MT, and all events will be staggered based on the night of the show. More specifically, tickets for the Wednesday show will be available at 10am, followed by the Thursday shows at 11am, Friday shows at 12pm, Saturday shows at 1pm, and Sunday shows at 2pm. All NightGrass shows will be sold as separate events.”

Same morning and time as Strings & Sol public on-sale…may need to deploy the Uni-browser (patent punding) :lol

I think we’re aiming for two shows. Good mix. Big Richard getting big love! I hope everyone checks them out on main stage or NG! I bet they’re NG has all kinds of special guests, even the main stage!

Oh, and looking for 2 Punch Brothers tickets if you know of any! :wink: :flower :wave

Sir this is not the appropriate place for nightgrass requests. :lol :flower :wink:

Having health issues, I haven’t seen an indoor show in over 2 years … so unfortunately, even browsing the lineups just isn’t on my radar any more. In fact, I quickly scanned Dylan’s recent tour announcement; only to be disappointed :frowning: that it’s all indoors!

:lol a good one :cheers Wow, quite a NG lineup! :medal

Now all we need is a workshop schedule, and Firstgrass!

This is great but will need to spend all afternoon at the old computer! What a lineup.

I see some of the shows are at Club Red, which is in Mountain Village. That could be a PITA for folks in town, depending on how the gondola runs.

That is great that ClubRED is in on the nightgrass! Great lineups all around. The Midnight North addition came out of nowhere. I am guessing they are in town to back Phil Lesh on Sunday night. Either way, great band if you haven’t heard them. Hoping for an Elk’s park set from them on Saturday or Sunday

For the shows up at Mountain Village, how do you get back to TP after the shows? I see that the gondola’s normal hours only run until midnight and I’m sure they’ll all jam on past that

They run the gondola late during NG times.

Good luck everyone!

nothing like that pitch black gondola ride down back into town. i always like to leave the shows at club red a little early to avoid the chaos :evil :evil

Was just able to get 2 NG tickets for Elephant Revival. Process pretty smooth. Only option is to print them. Let’s see how the rest of the afternoon goes.

And I do know the gondola runs late for the kickoff show, so I hope they will do the same for the Club Red shows.

Good luck today and see you all in June!

Woahhhh, not sure what happened but that was the easiest process in years! Our crew got all the GSBG and Dusters we need!!