From the Sheridan Opera House:

We’ve got most of your Saturday’s covered for the month of June starting with @shooktwins on June 12, bluegrass legends @peterrowanmusic and @jerrydouglas on June 19 and on June 26. Yes all three live in concert at the Sheridan Opera House. We’re back, baby! Tix on sale Tuesday, June 1 at 12pm MST. You must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken with 72 hours of the event for entry, no exceptions! That policy will be in place going forward for the summer so we can safely get back to boogieing inside, thanks for your understanding! #sheridanoperahouse

Tickets go on sale June 1, 2021 :thumbsup


The Peter + Jerry show would be cool but… $80/ticket and it’s DURING Sam Bush Band set on Saturday. I wish Planet Bluegrass could give us a nightgrass show!

Seats went live for these shows yesterday and there are still a good amount left:



I have heard murmurs from two separate people (both of whom I trust to be reliable) about a potential GSBG Firstgrass show being announced in the next day or two. If I end up being wrong, sorry for getting any hopes up, but had to see if anyone else had heard similar rumblings?


Please be right!

Haven’t heard or seen anything, but that would be great.

According to Mtn Village’s contract w/ PB + Telluride, here’s how Firstgrass is written
3. First Grass Concert. Producer shall provide a “free” concert, consistent with the level of the
Bluegrass Music Festival in Sunset Plaza on the Wednesday prior to the Festival, from 5:00 p.m.

  • 8:00 p.m., to kick off the Festival. Producer shall be responsible for the cost of the band, stage,
    sound/lighting, three porta-potties, and advertising, which shall include, at minimum, 50 posted
    posters, advertisements on the Festival website, inclusion in any Festival programs and multiple
    email blasts beginning at least sixty (60) days prior to the First Grass Concert. The Town shall
    also assist with providing advertising for the event in such manner and amount as determined by
    the Town. Bluegrass shall be responsible for securing a license agreement from Telluride Ski &
    Golf, LLC for the use of their open space at Sunset stage for the free concert. [/b]

Seeing that they haven’t advertised any FG shenanigans, it would be violating a few terms. Maybe there is an exception or that PB could do it from the main stage. Would love to have GSBG there to kick off solstice weekend!

I guess I was throwing in the term FirstGrass on my own. What I had heard was a Thursday night GSBG show in Mtn Village (was picturing it like Leftover Wednesday nightgrass spot the last few years). May not actually be an official ‘FirstGrass’ show if it happens. May not happen at all, but would be awesome! In my opinion their Nightgrass shows always blow their festival set out of the water

may the music gods bless us with their powers :lol i’ll take what we can get at this point

Amen to that! :cheers

ON sale now. GO GO GO…

YESSSS!! It is happening!

GSBG Thursday at 8PM
Dusters Friday 11PM
Punch Brothers Sunday 11PM
More to come…

All at conference center


We were able to get Thursday night for the 8 of our 10 that will be there by then

Good call on the shows, Tony!!!

Apparently Tony knows things :thumbsup

Glad I heard right… would’ve felt like an ass getting hopes up

ha! tell us more that you’ve heard!

I honestly think these nightgrass announcements has had me more pumped/fired up than any other announcement thus far. I had 2 phone calls within minutes of PB sending out the e-mail, so I can say the same for a couple of folks in our group. ECSTATIC!

Agreed! Plus, what year have you ever been able to get tickets for the whole group to every nightgrass show you want? Usually I am prowling on here for months after the lottery to try and scrape a few together for the high demand ones. We’ve got 8 going Thursday and all 10 Friday :cheers

HOLY MOLY I somehow have 2 tix to GSBG Nightgrass and 2 for Dusters…and I didn’t have to hustle for months like I usually do… I cannot waitttttttt!!

Right?!? It almost felt too easy hah! I believe these shows are capped at 500. Pretty much a private show. Despite a lot of missing folks, I think this is going to be a very special year for those of us making the trek.