Nightgrass tickets

Where does the link appear for nightgrass tickets when 10am MST on sale time hits? On the TBF tickets, camping, returned ticket pre-sale page???

Can you put multiple orders (to several shows) in a shopping cart and then check out when you get all your tickets?? Last time I remember having a lot of trouble getting tickets purchased and think the ones in my shopping cart were pulled before I could purchase them…so what’s the point of a shopping cart…right???

ANY HELP…INFO…TRICKS would be much appreciated!

If I remember correctly, the link won’t appear until tickets are available. So refresh around 10MST and when you see the link, dive in!

Im just about half nervous at the moment.

13 mins!

Thanks Will…that is what I remember as well, but wanted to be sure.

Any info about shopping cart? Best to purchase right away and then snag other shows?






Got them!! Woohoo! :cheers :thumbsup :cheers

Sweet, got my CCD and PB tickets. Looks like my first TBF will be a good one!

Hope everyone else gets what they want. See you there.

If my order is pending, does that mean that I got the tickets???

Yeehaw!! YMSB Kick off and Drew Emmitt at the Sheridan!! I can;t wait! Anyone else doing these shows? :cheers :cheers

Success!! :thumbsup

4x Drew Emmitt


Now we just have to wait…

drew emmit sold out in 9 minutes??? i did not get any, sooooo sad :frowning:

got my Keller, Yonder & Josh Ritter request, perfect


WOO HOOOO…that was way easier than I remembered 2 years ago…

YMSB kick-off x4

Keller and the Keels x5

Drew and Friends x4…THANK GOOODNESSSSS!

So some friends also grabbed extra Kellers…waiting to hear on the Drew and Friends…and we may have an extra TP, might be looking for a face + friendly trades for our extras…just sayin

Yessssss!!! YMSB to open, PB to close - excellent bookends for 1st timers - see y’all there :cheers


Got Drew Emmitt. Didn’t have the money for the others yet. Hopefully they’ll still be some Kick-off and Keller tickets left when I have a bit more in the bank.

I am in desperate need of 4 Drew Emmitt tickets. We have 4 extra YMSB tickets and 4 extra Keller Williams tickets we are willing to barter with. We can also pay cash or willing to trade anything else that might be of interest to you.

Let me know!!