NightGrass ticket shipment question

It looks like a lot of people have already received there tickets. Has everyone received there shipment notification and tickets? I still have not received mine for GSBG.

Think they were mailed last week. We got ours yesterday. Check your e mail. If they dont show up by a certain time contact PB.

Yeah. That’s why I’m worried. Triple checked email and don’t have anything in any of my folders. But I was definitely charged and got the notification for 4 GSBG tickets on the 21st. Did you have GSBG tickets? Have those gone out?

I live in Denver. I had two separate nights of tickets, and I have not received mine either. Fingers crossed should come this week… :spill

Also depends on how many tickets you have. I think if it is 6 or more they send them by certified mail, which may take longer. And I doubt that PB mails all of them the same day. Lots of work since they have to be put together by the staff there, not an automated process.

We got ours a few days ago. Got an email a few days before saying they had shipped.

Thanks for the update, I do have more than 6 coming. Keep you posted

Planet bluegrass called today and said they forgot to put tour apartment number. Updated the envelope and sent today. Still never got the shipment notice though. Oh well. All good in the PhD hood.