Nightgrass questions

hi all! this is our first time to Telluride, and I’m curious about Nightgrass. Is it typically just one band a night? Which bands usually play? Do tix sell out quickly? What’s the usual price for a ticket?

Hi there!

Most recently it’s been 4 bands per night at either the: Palm Theatre, Fly Me To The Moon Saloon (O’Bannon’s), Club Red (Mountain Village), or the Sheridan Opera House. I believe they all start at 11pm.

Greensky, Dusters, Punch, Salmon are often represented. You’ll see a smattering of other acts - this year maybe Yonder, Sierra Ferrell, Sarah Jarosz, Nickel Creek, Earls, SCI?, etc.

They sell relative to the popularity of the band. I think they almost all eventually sell out. Greensky and Punch are often the hottest tickets. If SCI did nightgrass, those would go in a flash. Historically they’ve been priced around $30-45, again depending on the popularity of the band.

Hope that helps!


Thank you!! This is exactly the type of information I was seeking. :slight_smile:

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Do we get notified when they go on sale?

I’m sure an e-mail will go out. If not, keep an eye here on the forums :slight_smile:

You can also check the website here: From the bottom of that page you can join the newsletter so you don’t miss anything!

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