Nightgrass questions

hi all! this is our first time to Telluride, and I’m curious about Nightgrass. Is it typically just one band a night? Which bands usually play? Do tix sell out quickly? What’s the usual price for a ticket?

Hi there!

Most recently it’s been 4 bands per night at either the: Palm Theatre, Fly Me To The Moon Saloon (O’Bannon’s), Club Red (Mountain Village), or the Sheridan Opera House. I believe they all start at 11pm.

Greensky, Dusters, Punch, Salmon are often represented. You’ll see a smattering of other acts - this year maybe Yonder, Sierra Ferrell, Sarah Jarosz, Nickel Creek, Earls, SCI?, etc.

They sell relative to the popularity of the band. I think they almost all eventually sell out. Greensky and Punch are often the hottest tickets. If SCI did nightgrass, those would go in a flash. Historically they’ve been priced around $30-45, again depending on the popularity of the band.

Hope that helps!


Thank you!! This is exactly the type of information I was seeking. :slight_smile:

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Do we get notified when they go on sale?

I’m sure an e-mail will go out. If not, keep an eye here on the forums :slight_smile:

You can also check the website here: From the bottom of that page you can join the newsletter so you don’t miss anything!

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I’m guessing any day now there will be some official announcement. Should be a Firstgrass announcement soon too!


any…day…now… :wink: :shushing_face:

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Do we need to reenter the queue every hour for each night?


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I think the way it works is that you need to go to the see tickets page for Nightgrass and select every time the day/night you are interested in. I suspect it is a new queue every hour.

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I got back in the queue for the second night. Got in, tried to purchase Sarah tix, got sent back to the queue each time I tried to checkout (three times), then got kicked out completely and had to get a new spot in the queue. Now have 500 people ahead of me. @BluegrassNat, any clue what happened??

Are you sure you’re in line for Sarah or did you click on greensky? Try this:

yup, definitely in for Sarah. Chose 2 tix, clicked the purchase button, and ended up back in the queue.
I did manage to get them after waiting in the queue a second time, but it was just weird.

I’m not even seeing an option for joining a queue for Punch or Dusters??

Punch Brothers queue won‘t open until 1 pm MDT with sale opening at 2 pm MDT. A queue ’in line‘ should be possible for Dusters, although the line doesn’t open until noon MDT. I suggest closing your browser window and go to and click on the Dusters icon/buy tickets to get your placeholder. Good luck!

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I think those are on sale at 1 MT and 2 MT. They staggered the on-sale times, so queue times staggered as well. Queue right now is for NC and Yonder.

I’m impressed with how smoothly the Nightgrass sales are going!


this is my first time going through it, but i agree! i only had the one glitch with the thursday show, but i think it might have been because i had more than one ticket window open.

Thanks y’all! @Festival_Fred I got your Dusters ticket, you can relax at Jazz Fest now!

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Punch Bros sold out in 3 minutes? or is something amiss?