Nightgrass question

So on the nightgrass part of the board it says the announcement will be made later on this winter. Does this mean that we are within 3 weeks of finding out about the nightgrass schedule? :thumbsup

Ya I hope so but i dont know why im so excited…im only old enough to go the kick off show. :mad

Im old enough to fight and die for my country but im not old enough to see Yonder Mountain String Band…Thats just dumb. :mad :mad :mad

Be ready, they announced it last year in early april and the tixs went on sale about 4 days later.

im pumped! i’ve havent been to telluride yet but many of my friends have and they all tell me the yawnda show at the sheridan is one helluva time… i really cant wait! im expectin some of the nightgrass shows to really do the trick too since i hear it gets real cold at night…
i heard around april is when they go on sale usually…

Yes, The Groundhog saw his shadow… at least 3 more weeks of waiting for the Nightgass Line-Up to be announced!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

So is Nightgrass a different show altogether than TBF?
I see people are talking about tickets and such?
Is it during TBF only at night, Im confused…

Nightgrass is affiliated with the festival, but the venues are much smaller than festival capacity, so they gotta sell tickets.
You won’t be able to get into Nightgrass with just a festival pass. It’s like any other show; you have to buy a ticket to get in. Most of them are 21+.

All of them are 21+ with the sole exception of the Yonder kick off party. And I believe people can get into the Sheridan with a parent or guardian present, though I’m not 100% sure about that as I’ve never had to deal with that particular caveat.

Nightgrass tickets available on line only or can you also phone in?

How many tickets are allocated for Nightgrass?
Do they sell out on the same day? :slight_smile:

Usually within the hour that sales open up for some of the shows. Others will last a few days or at best a week or two, depending on the artist.

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So how does one know when Nightgrass tics go on sale :huh

One becomes obsessed with checking planet bluegrass from now until one has ordered nightgrass tickets.

Already obsessed so I’ll stick with the status quo

Oh no I new I had a problem. OND obsessive nightgrass disorder

I still don’t get it:
is Nightgrass during Telluride? Is it the same location? Why is it so special?
I know I’m risking sounding like a disgraceful novice, but I really need to know…

Nightgrass is a series of shows that happens in venues around town at night. Usually starting around 10:30pm and going until 1:30-2:00am. (music stops at the festival proper at midnight).

The venues are less than 300 people…and you must purchase a ticket separate from your festival pass to attend. Some of those tickets sell out immediately, some are available longer…hence the ruckus about when tickets will go on sale.

Many great acts play small intimate venues as apart of the Nightgrass series every year…often times the Nightgrass series is the only time to see some bands play in such small rooms. (Yonder Mountain String Band being the most obvious annual show to fit this description)

…does that help? :flower

Thanks BluegrassDustin you’re an absolute star ! :medal
I now consider myself adequately informed :cheers

The problem now is…I’m going to start suffering from OND (obsessive nightgrass disorder)!! :lol

Nightgrass really sounds like a treat not to miss out on…

Ladybug… for your first year it really doesn’t matter which Nightgrass show you get to , if any. Even if you don’t get your first choice, you will be thrilled to get to the less popular show, given your vast knowledge of the music being presented. :thumbsup

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Auntie Hope you’re too sweet :thumbsup thanks :flower