Nightgrass and the shuttle....

Hey freaks. First post.

I was looking for this around here but I could not find it…

How late do the shuttles run? We are at Ilium and I’m curious if we will be able to snag a shuttle after the Nightgrass stuff gets done with, or if we will have to figure something else out.
I’ve been once before (2003) but I didn’t do any Nightgrass last time around.

Appreciate the help.

We are in Illium as well.
If there are no shuttles we can take the drunken trail!
Honestly though I do believe the shuttles run extra late?
When are you getting there?

when we get there depends on if we get phish tickets for st. louis.

if we do, it will be sometime thursday. if not, probably wednesday.

drunken trail huh? am i missing something? it would take a lot of whiskey to get me through hiking seven miles in the middle of the night.

I would be extremely suprised iif the shuttles stopped running before the nightgrass shows were over. I never went to the nightgrass shows but I’d walk arouns town after the festival ened for the night and I always got a shuttle back to Mary E.

we stayed at Ilium last year and we made it to a # of Nightgrass shows and got home on the shuttle each night. I don’t really remember past about midnight on any of my night in Telluride :cheers but my wife swears they run late :thumbsup


The key is not to dilly around after the shows. We don’t want 100’s of people stuck in town, but we don’t run the shuttles 24/7, either.

So, in short, yes…you can get a shuttle after the NG shows. But if someone decides to play till 2:30-3:00am you might have to decide if you are going to cab it and stick around for the end of the show or leave a bit early and get your free ride back. :flower

thanks for the input folks.

so, count on the shuttle until roughly 2, but otherwise make some other plans. think we can handle that.

If you don’t make it for the shuttle and are stuck in town, you can always get in line for the tarp run the next morning.

…and your Tarp will provide much needed protection from the cold! :slight_smile:

Ahhh, the Art of Tarpology! I Love It! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

Last year we got tixs for all the nightgrass shows and had no trouble getting a shuttle back to Lawson Hill after the shows were over. :thumbsup

Sadly, as great of a time I had last year, I don’t think we will be making this Telluride Bluegrass festival. :frowning:

I think I caught a shuttle back to Lawson after Punch Brothers at 2:30AM… that was the latest I stayed out… wish I could go this year…damn weddings.