Nightgrass access

Has anyone ever had an issue getting in to a nightgrass show with the all access wristband b/c of capacity issues? I was lucky enough to score one this year but don’t want to be shut out of the Fri/Sat Sheridan shows so I was just curious.

Can’t wait!

Hey Murphy :wave,

I had one last year and had no problems getting into any show I wanted to - that being said I do know of a few instances in prior years where some people have not gotten, but I believe that is the exception rather than the rule.

If you get to the show on time you should have no problems getting in. The only time where there could be an issue is if you show up midway through the show and venue is at capacity.

Dustin, does this seem right to you?


This is generally correct. However, I’m not sure of the last time Nightgrass tix were in such high demand.
If you want to get into YMSB on Friday, I’d be there EARLY. If you want in for Emmitt-Nershi, I’d be there on time.

Even if you get there and a show is at capacity, they will start doing a 1in/1out policy…or should at least. (meaning when someone walks out of the venue, someone gets to go in).



What’s an “all access wristband”?

A limited number of “all access wristbands” are sold for Nightgrass. They allow entrance to any of the Nightgrass shows, venue capacity permitting. :flower

Make sure you see a night show at the Sheridain opera house and possibly the high school because the setting is perfect and the theatre is top of the line as well. :lol :wink:

An “all access wristband” for Nightgrass = rare, almost extinct and more difficult to find at this point than a Town Park vehicle pass!

(sorry, Rhonny, but I couldn’t resist)

BB and Dustin,

Thanks for the info. Hope to see you all there. :wave


Whats up all, so lets say I have a ticket to the sheridan house for yonder. would I get denied access if I decided to stay for leftover. Basically figure if I left during yonder i’d see why i’d have to wait to get back in, but I figure if I have a ticked that hadn’t been used they would have to try their best to let me in. just curious if anyone has ran into this before. thanks all :cheers :thumbsup