Nightgrass 2013

M&S will be playing the opera house on Saturday night with non-transferable tickets, yet SCI is not playing nightgrass, why?!? (Could’ve been epic, but it’s same old same old with M&S, IMO)

Personally, will be looking for Greensky Bluegrass (maybe) and Peter Rowan (definitely).

Trampled by Turtles
Greensky Bluegrass
Yonder Mountain String Band
Pert Near Sandstone
The Infamous Stringdusters
Lake Street Dive
Elephant Revival
Punch Brothers
Peter Rowan Twang & Groove

Sorry, should’ve said before that it’s not speculation … I just happen to like getting “tomorrows news” today and visit the PDF version the day before:

Interesting move. I am a little bummed, though I get it. I have a group of 3 and don’t know if I’d want to risk the Mumford lottery if I couldn’t get tickets for everyone in my group and couldn’t give them to someone else. Decisions, decisions. Excited to see Pert Near Sandstone on the Nightgrass bill, in any case!

Pert Near is an excellent addition! I was hoping they’d be playing the main stage this year, but they’ll still do one hell of a nightgrass show! Definitely going to have to see them and the Dusters with Greensky and Peter Rowan also being possible.

If you had an extra someone would just have to go in with you…you could still sell, just would have to all go together.

Was really hoping the Mumford show would be @ The Palm…would have been the same deal, tho more ppl could go?

Hi, saw the nightgrass post & have been wondering how you get tkts for the shows. I have never been to a night grass show before & wanted to go. Can you let me know how it works. Thanks!

Nice sleuthing, FOM! :wink:

I’ll be posting all the details to our website in a few minutes (including the Mumford & Sons lottery). But here are most of the quick details (dates, venues, bands) in a separate forum post:,17522.0.html


looks awesome!

here’s to lotto love :cheers

I saw Pert Near in a very small venue here in Cleveland (Beachland Tavern), and it was outstanding. They’ll be awesome at FM2TM.

I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Stoked to see them for nightgrass, just hope I can get tickets…

They aren’t billed as “official” nightgrass, but I’m pretty sure that Gipsy Moon will be playing at Fly me to the Moon on Wed and Sun nights… For those of you who do not know them, they are an up and coming stringband from Nederland, CO. It’s Vince’s son’s band and they are AMAZING!!! Also, for those of you who may not be too keen on the nightgrass lineup because of some bands NOT playing nightgrass, I’m sure that you can get your fill at these shows…just sayin!! Check them out, they have a kickstarter to record their first album, to be produced by Daniel Rodriguez of Elephant Revival! Check them out…

here’s their kickstarter:

and here is a sample of their sound:

For those who visited Camp Howdy last year for late night picks, you may have gotten a preview! This year, though, they will be resident campers of Camp Howdy!!! (Anyone got any extra Town Parks??? ;))

I’m completely new to Planet Bluegrass, but I got hooked after attending RockyGrass last year.

When are lottery results usually sent out?

They’ll start processing tomorrow, I believe, but everybody should know by next week as snail mail payments need to be in by the 15th

and welcome! try not to get too irritated when people who’ve never been start discussing plans that will involve you around the (2nd) 3rd weekend of June and the end of July…they just don’t know you’re always booked those dates from now on.