Night Grass at Rockygrass?

Howdy! Does anyone have any info about Night Grass shows after Rockygrass? Saw the following blurb in a Moxie Bread Co. newsletter about a month ago, but haven’t heard anything since:

“In Lyons we are scheming Night Grass during the 50th Annual RockGrass with our heroes at Planet Bluegrass where we will be offering late night concerts after the festival lets out. Nick Forster is helping to put together a ridiculous line-up for these special concerts that is starting to feel like a fantasy football team pick.”

Sounds promising!

I work for Moxie and all I can say is that we’re working on it. No guarantees yet but definitely keep an eye out!

Awesome - fingers crossed!

Any new info here? This sounded potentially awesome.

If you’re seeking ‘nightgrass at Rockygrass’ my advice is to walk around the campgrounds at night after the main stage show - world class picking wherever you go . . .

Fair point, but on the other hand, I do remember some stellar “MoonGrass” shows on the ranch!

I hope they set up in the parking lot!

This is the answer. :violin::banjo::metal: I can’t wait.