Nice to see Tony Furtado INCLUDED again with TBF regulars

What could he have possibly have done?


Nice to see you back, I missed you here

Nice to see you too, AS!

Good to see you coming back for the festival this summer!

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Thank you. I’m very pleased to be coming back

Glad it came together for you and hopefully the lineup is to your liking. Maybe GSBG will be added!

You’re brave to come to the United States with an insurgent movement still unfolding!
Kinda reminds me of the book “In the Garden of Beasts” (Larson) … re: the US Ambassador to Germany and his daughter residing there in 1933-34.

Regardless, hope it’s a special return for you!


That’s a scary book!

Yes, chilling.

Just saw this the other day (highly recommend both):