Next Year I promise to.......

Put spellcheck back on my laptop :lol and eat more bacon.
Dance more and post on this forum less. :flower :wink:


To help get My Family … Get Covered with TP Tickets and Vehicle Passes
To Love my wife more …
To accept Life for what it is …Festival !

Not skip TBF again, not even for another trip to Europe. I missed you guys too much. That being said Buddha and I need TP tickets. :wink:
I also vow to keep exercising, practicing my Mando and enjoying great music.
Along with eating Bacon, drinking and just having fun. :cheers

…dance like I’m having a seizure, sing like everyone around me is tone deaf, love like people are made of pizza, and mix sufficient quantities of Crunchy Frog.

So basically you’re just gonna continue what you’ve been doing. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Yeah, pretty much. Why mess with it if it’s not broke?

Wear shades whenever I’m near Hooch to prevent eye damage :festivarian

…to wear more tu-tus (in all types of weather), and reserve my energy to last all night!! (this may require a red bull or two on top of all the water that i drink to have a good morning) :wink:

Eat more bananas while at fest so my toes don’t get cramps in em. That felt weird :flower and drink more beer, I mean water. :cheers

to more beer:

:cheers will be joining you on this!!

Try to get more exercise so I’m in better shape for Telluride. :thumbsup

WOW a full moon and a new year! How flippin cool is that?

Embrace my own strength as a woman.
Nuture my writing skills.
Get back to my fieghting weight.
faze out my position with our company so I can focus on music and stained glass.
Surround myself with folks I adore that have a zest for life and music.


converse more
sit long
laugh often

Are we talking next year, well now it is next year, so this year in general for the whole year, or this year at festival?

THIS year I promise to not make promises I can’t or don’t want to keep. I promise to howl at the moon, eat strawberries, grow tomatoes and lettuce and make BLTs with them. I promise to give Hooch a hard time, but only cuz I get away with it.
I promise that I will do my best to get to come to Telluride for festival, and if I do come, I promise to make quiche if people still want them. Okay that about does it for now.

  • be nice
  • pay attention
  • LOVE (which would have covered the first two and more!)


Foster Love in any way possible!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green