News Flash: Bacon Dude turns 40.....

Here’s to 40 more years of bacon! :hop I wonder how many pigs you have consumed thus far???
:cake :bday

Happy B-Day Hooch!

                       :sunshine :sunshine :horsey :sunshine :sunshine
                                      :kiss :hug :vibes
                          :wave Happy Birthday with bacon on top  :wave

you look good for your age :wink:



Happy Birthday Hooch!!

We really need a bacon infused hooch this year (the drink not the person ;)) I think the honey would complement the bacon well…

welcome to the 40’s Club !

Happy Birthday Hooch-Man! :cake

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Two score years ago my father brought forth on this continent, ME, conceived in Minneapolis, and dedicated to the proposition that all bacon is created equal.

Thanks for all the swell birthday wishes!! In lieu of any gifts please donate bacon to your favorite charity.

happy birthday hooch! Hope you have a great one my pan fried friend! :cheers

:drunk :drunk


Also, please remember that I’m still 39 in festi-years until the ‘Everyone’s Birthday Party’ at Smuggler’s the Monday before TBF! It ain’t much but it helps.

Pig out on your birthday man!     I hope you get to have some bacon for breakfast, along with whiskey, and a BLT for lunch, and a Bacon Explosion for dinner, and end the day with bacon bit ice cream!  Love you Hooch from Booch




but no :hooch

You WISH, Sucker! :lol Admit It… You’ve topped the HILL!!!

Aunite Hope :festivarian2 :green

The Top of the Hill is 50
I have 2 yrs to go
he is still a pup !
I need more Bacon and more COWBELL !

Anyone who has been around 20 year olds figures out quickly that 20 is the new teen, making 30 the new 20 and 40 the new 30 and you aren’t over the hill -ahem - until you hit 50 which is the new 40.

So technically I’m only turning 34 this year. No where NEAR over the hill!

Jess@ can’t.believe.Hope.said.that

Well my sister says that 40 is the new 20, so I think I’m going with her measuring scale.

Upon review I’d have to say that my 30’s were pretty tumultuous, so I’m going to bypass that decade on my way through again from 20.

I don’t know, maybe going thru the 30’s again while in your 50’s would be kinda good.

You know the old saying - if I knew then what I know now…

Up with the fishies!! Hope it was happy!

Boy, I hate that I can actually relate to that phrase now. I had really planned to zoom through life not bothering to pick up wisdom because it’s boring to listen to but somehow I caught some and now I occasionally find myself trying to share it instead of just saying “Shut up and drink this” which is the more proper response. Maybe I’ll spend my 40’s de-programming myself.

You are engineer, you might be able to pull that off. I am in healthcare. We are designed to instruct others on the betterment of their lives, but hey we also got great drugs.