Newbies here - tips for families?

We have never been to this festival before and are traveling from Alaska - so trying to figure out what we all need and what we can actually fit in our luggage. This will also be our first festival with our newborn (2 mos old). Any tips on what we should bring to make the experience comfortable for us/him? How do families with littles deal with the heat and sun (remember - we’re from Alaska… 70 degrees is a HOT day for us!)? Is there a shaded area just for families?

Any info and tips folks can provide for us newbies is super appreciated!

Hey I’m a first timer too so would love to hear others’tips for families… But as a Coloradoan, I’d say just bring lots of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. I never wore hats and sunglasses when I lived back east but they are necessary here. The cool thing about Colorado though is that it really does feel so much cooler in the shade. There is a river by the festival so that will help too.
Major props to you for making the trip from Alaska! I feel like I’m being brave just coming from an hour away (solo with two kiddos) so just big high fives to ya!! It’ll be awesome!

For that little one - bring ear protection for loud music. For all - water bottle, sunscreen, hats, plan to get in the river to cool down, always raingear, photo ID, tickets, money, snacks, low chairs, tarp or blanket for under chairs, there could be a walk from parking to festival (even with shuttle) i suggest you call Planet Bluegrass and ask re shade for families. At Rockygrass there were a lot more 3 sided shade covers than pre-pandemic - don’t know if they were all personal or what - Ask. Enjoy !

Best venue for kids! Never camped at LaVerne, but you’re gonna have a great time! Swimsuits, sunscreen, swim shoes, and you’ll be set:) hope to see you and have a great time!