Newbie to the Targhee Music Fest


My friends and I are Targhee Music Fest virgins! Super stoked, looking for some practical info on the set up, camping etc (man their site blows!) We are regular festival goers and like to do it right, appreciate any info from you pros (this is seriously the only forum where I could find even a little bit of info, excited that it is still an undiscovered fest :flower)

Ok so we have our 3 day passes and camping pass already. Here are my questions:

  1. What time does the camping open? Is it a mad land rush, do you need to be there when the gates open? Or can you waltz in whenever? We will be driving up from Park City.

  2. What is the camping like? Grass? Parking lot? Flat? Hilly? Trees? Shade? Multiple camping areas?

  3. Is it easy to find spots where you can camp next to your vehicle (we have a camper van but then some friends joining in tents)? Where are the good spots to do this?

  4. What 's on your must pack list for this festival?

Alright I think that will help, thanks guys!!!

  1. Camping starts at 9 am and it is a bit of a rush. Lots of good spots but the regulars will nab the best ones early- there will still be plenty of decent spots. Get there early for the best choices. People pack in fairly tight so don’t count on much privacy- but you can make a lot of friends quickly!
  2. Yes to all- everything from parking lots to grassy areas depending on how far you are willing to walk.
  3. Yes, but stake out the area for your friends if you are not all arriving together.
  4. Bring good rain gear- the elevation is 8,000 feet and evening squalls are not uncommon. They might only last ten minutes but if you get wet you will get cold. Also stay hydrated-elevation can eat your lunch.
    I have never failed to have a great time at this festival. Everyone is laid back and friendly. As always be kind and you will have a festival experience like no other. I will be the tall one to the north of center stage. Any other questions just ask.

Thanks so much for the info! If any one else has any input, feel free to chime in.

Otherwise see you there!!! :wave

Sunscreen also, if that isn’t too obvious

I should have also mentioned bring your mtn bike- lots of trail and you can even take it up the lift to 10,000 ft and ride down