Newbie Questions: Food & Parking

Greetings! My wife and I are first-timers this year. We have lived in Colorado for a long time but never ventured down to Telluride. So we are pretty stoked.

We are driving up Wednesday morning. Camping in Lawson Hill campground 'til Sunday.

Couple of questions:

  1. Should we pack food for all five days? Or is it feasible to restock in town? I understand there is only one grocery store this year. Also, I saw lots of warnings that the town is generally blocked off to cars the whole time. So I guess we would have to take groceries/ice on the bus? If not, then I’m a little worried about having a big enough cooler and making ice last that long. How do you guys do it?

  2. Do I need a parking pass for Lawson Hill campground? I did not see any details for parking at this campsite. From what I could tell, this wasn’t an option when purchasing camp permits. But I’ve seen plenty of warnings in general about parking passes. So I’m a little nervous.

  3. How far away is the parking lot from the actual campsite @ Lawson Hill? Just wondering how far we’ll have to schlep stuff.

Thanks! Can’t wait to see you guys there. :cheers

free Parking is provided for all of the campgrounds. Not sure where you’ll be parked, but you won’t have to buy anything.

Well… I don’t know how you know they won’t need to buy anything when the question is about getting to the grocery store for food and ice. I haven’t camped there… but I am thinking there might be ice on site… (does anyone know??) and a shuttle ride to the grocery store is doable quickly enough that an insulated bag would be sufficient for anything that needed to be kept cold.

You wouldn’t need to schlep a big cooler on the bus for just a grocery store run.

There is a grocery fairly near the festival grounds, next to Baked in Telluride… but also there was one on the west end of town that was decent.

hope this helps.

I was only answering the question about parking. I never did any grocery shopping when I was in I’ll I’m so I have no experience with shopping and shuttles.

The store next to BIT is closed.

well that sucks. Guess I missed that news. Also the one at Mt. Village? So that leaves the one on the west end?
Thanks for that info.